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Transforming the way restaurants order products from suppliers. We bring all your suppliers and orders into one easy-to-use app.

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For restaurants

Your entire procurement process is in one place.
Our app is the most efficient way to order from all your suppliers.

Order from all suppliers

Place orders from all of your suppliers in one app.

More accurate orders

Fewer mistakes, less waste, and lower costs.
Our support team makes sure all orders are delivered perfectly.

Manage multiple users and locations

Add all your team and restaurant branches.

Order history

See what has been ordered and by whom.

Create your own in-house suppliers

You can create your own supplier and receive orders from your branches.

Order whenever you want

Scrap endless order sheets and late-night waits on the phone.

For suppliers

Simplify your order management and boost your sales.
Features listed below are in development and will soon be released.

Optimize work

Automate order entry and reduce mistakes.

Sell more

Promote your products through our platform and target the right customer.

Increase basket size

Make it easy for customers to find and purchase new products.

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Grow larger

Find new customers through our platform.

Make better decisions

Get insights into your business with analytics tools.

Customized order settings

Ensure orders meet cutoff times, delivery days and minimum value

What clients say about us

Oskars Langmanis

Head of Retail Sales in Baltic Region

WendoApp is an excellent modern digital solution for companies with multiple locations and multiple suppliers. The platform offers a unified and convenient way to place orders with a few clicks on various devices, significantly simplifying personnel's daily processes related to product orders. To evaluate WendoApp’s capabilities, all you have to do is try it!

Jeļena Pozdiševa

Streetburger Service Manager

WendoApp is a great tool for ordering goods with a few clicks from suppliers. A very convenient feature is that with this tool it is possible to delegate the ordering of goods to employees and keep track of the order history.

Kaspars Sīmansons

Chef at Restaurant Vairāk Saules

Now with WendoApp, ordering takes us 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

Roberts Cešeiko

CEO of Simply Foods

With the help of the WendoApp platform, we receive all orders very conveniently and no longer have to spend time receiving orders. We have also noticed that clients order more regularly and there are fewer errors with orders.

Daira Karstā

Delicio Restaurant Manager

My favorite feature is having everything we regularly order on my phone ready to go. It’s great not having to call and leave messages

Marta Klavkalne

Mīkla Bakery Manager

Thanks to the WendoApp, we can easily order goods with a few clicks at a convenient time. Now I can make orders on weekends and after regular working hours.

Diāna Dzalbe

Deputy Head of the Retail Department in Lāči Stores

It's convenient and quick to place orders based on a pre-selected assortment on your smartphone. Reviewable order history not only for the orderer, but also in real time for the manager.

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